Dupno DC432: Triple Lens Dash Cam with 4G, ADAS, GPS & DMS-Driver Monitoring System

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Triple the security on the road! The Dupno DC432 Dash Cam features a Triple Lens, 4G connectivity, ADAS for alerts, and even Driver Monitoring to keep you safe.

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🚗 Introducing the Dupno DC432 4G Triple Lens AI Dashcam with ADAS & DMS 🚗

Upgrade your driving experience with the Dupno DC432 4G AI Triple Cam Dashcam. Packed with cutting-edge features, it ensures safety and peace of mind on every journey. With a triple lens design, it provides a panoramic view of the road ahead, behind, and inside your vehicle, capturing every detail with precision.

Stay Connected with 4G Network 📡
Seamlessly connect to the internet with 4G connectivity. Stream live video, access remote playback, and stay updated on the go with this AI Triple Cam Dashcam.

Navigate with GPS Tracking 🛣️
Track your vehicle’s location in real-time, giving you peace of mind and the ability to monitor its whereabouts effortlessly.

Drive Safely with ADAS ⚠️
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) provide alerts for lane departure, forward collision, and blind spot detection, ensuring you stay safe and aware of potential hazards.

Monitor Driver Behavior with DMS 👀
Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) keep an eye on driver behavior, detecting signs of drowsiness or distraction and issuing timely alerts to keep you focused on the road.

Change Lanes Safely with LCA ↔️
Lane Change Assist (LCA) warns you of vehicles in your blind spot, making lane changes safer and more confident.

Emergency Assistance with SOS Panic Button 🆘
In case of emergencies, the SOS Panic Button allows you to call for help with just a push, ensuring prompt assistance when needed.

Set Boundaries with Geofence 🔒
Create virtual boundaries around your vehicle with Geofence alerts, notifying you if your vehicle leaves the designated area.

Stay Connected with Voice Talkback 🗣️
Communicate with passengers in your vehicle effortlessly with Voice Talkback, enhancing your driving experience with hands-free communication.

Live Video Streaming 📹
Experience real-time video streaming from your dashcam to your smartphone or other devices, keeping you connected and informed wherever you are.

Multiple Alerts for Enhanced Safety ⚡️
Receive alerts for speeding, harsh braking, sharp turning, and more, ensuring you stay informed and vigilant on the road.

Optional RFID Reader for Driver Identification 🔍
Enhance security and track driver behavior with the optional RFID Reader, allowing you to identify drivers with RFID tags.

Upgrade your driving experience with the Dupno DC432 4G AI Triple Cam Dashcam with ADAS & DMS – the ultimate solution for safety, connectivity, and peace of mind on the road.

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