Dupno Tracker Advance Telematics with DMS-JC400D

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DUPNO TRACKER ADVANCE DASHCAM WITH DMS JC400D DEVICE, your ultimate companion for road safety. Upgrade your fleet with this advanced Dashcam, providing real-time alerts, cloud video uploads, and precise GPS tracking. Enhance driver safety, monitor driving behavior, and optimize fleet management with this high-quality Dashcam. Invest in the best for your fleet’s security—get the DUPNO TRACKER ADVANCE DASHCAM WITH DMS JC400D DEVICE today.

Bring out the power of safety and efficiency with the DUPNO TRACKER ADVANCE DASHCAM WITH DMS JC400D DEVICE!

Are you ready to change the way you handle your fleet and put driver safety first like never before? The cutting-edge DUPNO TRACKER ADVANCE DASHCAM WITH DMS JC400D DEVICE is all you need. This amazing dashcam isn't just an everyday recording device—it's a game-changer that uses the latest AI-powered technology to take your fleet to new heights.

With our dashcam with DMS, you can finally stop worrying about the safety of your drivers. Our advanced driver monitoring system uses state-of-the-art algorithms to look for signs of drowsiness and distraction and send alerts in real time to tell drivers to stay alert. Imagine how good it would feel to know that your fleet is safe from the risks of driving while tired.

But there's more. With its great video features, our dashcam with DMS takes safety to a whole new level. This amazing device takes high-quality video clips and sends them safely to the cloud if a car accident happens or a driver does something dangerous. You can easily go back and watch these clips later, giving you important evidence for insurance claims and protecting you from fraud. It's like having a wall around your business that can't be broken.

We know that improving how people drive is the best way to cut down on crashes and make everyone safer. So, our dashcam with DMS goes the extra mile to track and analyze driving habits like hard acceleration, hard stopping, and sharp turns. By bringing these habits to light, we give your drivers the tools they need to make better decisions. This encourages safer driving habits and raises general safety awareness.

Tracking in real time is the key to managing a fleet well, and our dashcam with DMS does it perfectly. With its GPS technology, you can see where all of your fleet cars are at all times. No more guessing or making a lot of phone calls—you can now track their exact locations in real time and deal with any problems right away. Prepare to improve the way you run your business and take fleet management to the next level.

Our dashcam with DMS doesn't let us down when it comes to reliability. Its recording features are smooth and reliable, so you can record every important moment on the road with perfect clarity. You can count on this amazing device to give you high-quality footage when you need it most, whether it's for insurance or to protect yourself from scams. Get as much peace of mind as you can.

When things are really bad, time is of the essence. Because of this, we built a panic button into our dashcam with DMS. In case of an emergency, your drivers can make emergency calls quickly and easily, making sure that help is on the way right away. The most important thing is to put safety first and be ready for anything.

Upgrade to the DUPNO TRACKER ADVANCE DASHCAM WITH DMS JC400D DEVICE right now and see what fleet control will be like in the future. This amazing device is your ticket to success because it improves driver safety, helps gather evidence, changes how people drive, makes fleet management easier, keeps accurate records, and lets you respond quickly in an emergency. Don't settle for average when you can be better than everyone else.

Make sure your service is safe and running well. Get your dashcam with DMS now and open up a whole new world of options. Trust Dupont Tracker to help you handle your fleet in a way that is safer, smarter, and more successful.

Dupno tracker Advance Dashcam with DMS JC400D Device

The JC400D Dashcam with DMS is a cutting-edge video, telematics system designed to enhance driver safety and optimize fleet management. This advanced dashcam features integrated AI-powered Driver Monitoring System (DMS) technology, real-time tracking, event video to cloud upload, and driving behavior analysis. With reliable recording, alerts for drowsy or distracted driving, and accurate location tracking, the JC400D Dashcam with DMS provides essential tools for risk mitigation, coaching drivers, and protecting your business. Upgrade to the JC400D Dashcam with DMS for a comprehensive and efficient solution for your fleet.

Key Features:
  • Detects Drowsy and Distracted Driving: It uses advanced technology to detect signs of drowsiness and distraction, reminding drivers to stay focused.
  • Video Uploads to Cloud: In case of accidents or instances of dangerous driving, it records high-quality video clips and securely transfers them to the cloud for future examination.
  • Analyzes Driving Behavior: It monitors and analyzes behaviors like harsh acceleration, hard braking, and sharp cornering to improve safety awareness.
  • Real-Time Tracking: With GPS technology, it provides real-time tracking of fleet vehicles, allowing businesses to monitor their location and address any issues.
  • Reliable Recording: It ensures smooth and reliable recording on the road, providing high-quality footage for insurance claims and protection against fraud.
  • Panic Button: It has an integrated SOS button for emergency calls, providing quick assistance in critical situations.
  • Enhanced Driver Safety: Real-time alerts for drowsy and distracted driving help keep drivers focused and reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Evidentiary Support: Clear video clips uploaded to the cloud provide valuable evidence for insurance claims and protection against fraudulent claims.
  • Improved Driving Behavior: Monitoring and analysis of driving behaviors promote safer habits, leading to fewer accidents and increased safety awareness.
  • Efficient Fleet Management: Real-time tracking allows businesses to monitor fleet vehicles and address any issues promptly, optimizing operations.
  • Reliable Recording: Smooth and reliable recording ensures high-quality footage for insurance purposes and safeguards against fraud.
  • Quick Emergency Response: The integrated panic button enables drivers to initiate emergency calls, providing quick assistance in critical situations.
Hardware/ Product Specification:

Network Connection

WiFi:                                                      2.4GHz, 802.11 b/g/n

BT:                                                         BLE 4.0

Version:                                                 FDD LTE: B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B19/B20

                                                              TDD LTE B38/B39/B40/B41 (100M)

     WCDMA B1/B2/B5/B8

                                                               GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz


CPU:                                                     Quad-core 1.4GHz A53

Operating System:                             Android 8.1 GO

GNSS:                                                  GPS+BDS

Sensor:                                                6-axis

Mic :                                                     ✓

Speaker:                                              ✓

Data Interface:                                   Micro USB 2.0

Memory:                                              TF card (Max. 256GB)

SIM Card:                                             Nano

LED:                                                      Red (Power), Blue (Cellular), Green (GNSS)


Main Unit:                                             Front camera:1920×1080/25FPS/F2.2/full color

Subcamera:                                          DMS camera:1280×720/10FPS/F2.0/monochrome all day

Video Coding:                                       H.264


Battery External:                                450mAh

Power Supply/Power cable:             B+/ACC/GND

Operating Temperature:                   -20℃ to +65℃

Operating Voltage:                            9-30V DC

Device Weight:                                   233g

Device Dimension:                            109x69x52mm

Certifications:                                   FCC/CE/ROHS

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