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Dupno School Management Software is a comprehensive platform with 250+ features that simplify school management. With features like attendance management, online exams, invoice and inventory management, library management, and more, schools can streamline their operations and enhance communication with students and parents. Dupno is an all-in-one solution for schools to improve efficiency and effectiveness.


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Revolutionize Your School Management with Dupno: The All-in-One Solution!


Looking for a reliable tool to manage your school’s database? Look no further than Dupno School Management System. Managing a school is no easy feat, but with our all-in-one platform, you can streamline tasks such as admission and enrollment management, course management, grade books, attendance and leave management, hostel and transport management, HR management, invoicing, inventory, and more. Our software boasts over 250 features, including advanced user management with unlimited user roles, mail and SMS management, 8+ online payment options and SMS gateway, and over 100 reports to keep you informed. With our user-friendly interface, managing your school has never been easier.

Overall, Dupno School Management Software offers a comprehensive set of features to help schools manage various aspects of their operations, from attendance and exam management to inventory and library management. With powerful reporting tools and a user-friendly interface, schools can streamline their administrative tasks, improve communication with students and parents, and enhance their overall effectiveness.




  1. Multi-Type of Marking System
  • Admin and teachers can manage student marks using a variety of grading systems.
  • Students can view their marks in the Mark module.
  1. Attendance Management
  • Admin and teachers can take attendance using different options like present, late with excuse, late, and absent.
  • Attendance records are saved and can be used to generate reports.
  1. Online Exam Management
  • Admin can manage online exams, and students can attend them online.
  • Exams can be timed, and results are automatically generated.
  1. Invoice Management
  • Admin can manage invoices for various school fees, and students can pay them easily.
  • Records of invoices and payments are saved and can be used to generate reports.
  1. Inventory Management
  • Admin can manage the institution’s product sales and purchases.
  • Records of inventory and sales are saved and can be used to generate reports.


  1. Leave Management
  • Admin and teachers can manage leave applications for students and staff.
  • Records of leave requests and approvals are saved and can be used to generate reports.
  1. Library Management
  • Admin can manage the school library, including adding books and tracking book loans.
  • Students can issue books using their ID, and records of book loans are saved and can be used to generate reports.
  1. Online Admission System
  • Admin can manage online admissions, and students can apply for admission online.
  • Records of admission applications and approvals are saved and can be used to generate reports.
  1. Frontend Website Management
  • Admin can manage the school’s frontend website easily, including adding and editing content.
  • The website can be customized to match the school’s branding and style.
  1. Messaging System
  • Admin and teachers can communicate with students and parents through the messaging system.
  • Messages can be sent individually or to groups, and records of messages are saved and can be used to generate reports.
  1. Timetable Management
  • Admin and teachers can create and manage class timetables easily.
  • Timetables can be customized for different classes and subjects.
  1. Fee Management
  • Admin can manage school fees easily, including creating fee structures, tracking fee payments, and generating reports.
  1. Exam and Result Management
  • Admin can manage exams and results easily, including creating exam schedules, assigning invigilators, and generating reports for grades and transcripts.
  1. Calendar Management
  • Admin and teachers can manage school events and activities using the calendar management feature.
  • Events can be customized and scheduled for different dates and times.


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