Economy Series Dupno Standard Plus Vehicle Tracking Package

৳ 6,999.00

1-Year Device Warranty | Monthly Service Charge: 500 BDT

⚠️ ইকোনোমি/বাজেট সিরিজের ডিভাইস তুলনামূলক সস্তা ও মন্থর সার্ভারের কারণে দীঘদিন ব্যবহারে লোকেশন ও নোটিফিকেশন জনিত সমস্যা হতে পারে! এই ধরনের ডিভাইস গুলোতে সাধারণত তিন থেকে বারো মাসে স্বল্পমেয়েদের ওয়ারেন্টি দেয়া হয় তবে ⚠️স্ট্যান্ডার্ড সিরিজের ডিভাইস তুলনামূলক টেকসই ও নির্ভরযোগ্য হয় একই ফিচারের স্ট্যান্ডার্ড সিরিজের ডিভাইস গুলো দেখতে এই লিংকে ক্লিক করুন!

⚠️ Due to the affordability and cost-effective server infrastructure of our Economy/Budget series devices, there may be occasional issues related to location and notifications with prolonged usage. Typically, these devices come with a warranty period ranging from three to twelve months. However, for a more robust and reliable solution, we recommend exploring our ⚠️ Standard Series devices. These devices offer advanced features, are more durable, and provide dependable performance. To view devices from our Standard Series with similar features, click on this link.

Welcome to the Affordable Economy Standard Plus Tracker, a beacon of excellence within the Economy Series Dupno Standard Plus GPS Tracker Package, reshaping the landscape of fleet management in Bangladesh. Meticulously crafted, this solution delivers real-time insights and advanced functionalities, ensuring operational efficiency, security, and peak vehicle performance.

🛰️ Live Tracking for Real-Time Control: Easily monitor your vehicles’ live locations, gaining instant insights for operational efficiency and responding timely to dynamic situations.

🔌✂️ Remote Control for Real-Time Engine Control: Execute secure remote control, allowing you to shut down vehicle engines from anywhere.

🔊 Voice Monitoring with GPS Tracker 🌐

Enhance your fleet management experience with real-time voice monitoring using our GPS tracker. The voice icon symbolizes a powerful feature enabling remote listening to your vehicle’s surroundings. Stay connected, monitor driver behavior, and ensure safety with this innovative functionality, providing an additional layer of control and security to your fleet operations.

🚗 Advanced Engine Alerts: Receive notifications for crucial engine activities, ensuring better control over vehicle usage and maintenance needs with Engine On and Engine Off alerts.

🌐 Visualize Routes with Google Street View: Seamlessly explore your vehicle’s surroundings with Google Street View integration, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the vehicle’s environment.

🚦 Up-to-Date Traffic Information: Stay ahead with live traffic updates, enabling efficient route planning and minimizing delays for smoother operations.

📍 Geofencing Capabilities: Establish custom geofences and receive alerts when vehicles enter or exit areas, empowering you to take immediate action based on geographical movements.

⏮️ Comprehensive History Playback: Access detailed historical data with the History Playback feature, aiding in analyzing past routes and activities for better decision-making.

🔒 Enhanced Security with Geofence/Parking Alerts: Receive alerts for vehicles entering or exiting specified areas, adding an extra layer of security and ensuring immediate notification of deviations.

🔧 Engine Run-Time Monitoring: Efficiently manage vehicle usage with engine run-time tracking, crucial for maintenance planning and optimizing fleet lifespan.

🚥 Overspeed Alert for Safer Driving: Encourage safe driving behavior with overspeed alerts, notifying you instantly when a vehicle exceeds predetermined speed limits.

🔋 Battery Management for Reliability: Monitor both internal and external battery levels with alerts for low battery situations, ensuring continuous and reliable service.

🔄 Built-in Battery Backup and 90 Days History Backup: Experience uninterrupted tracking with built-in battery backup during power outages. The 90-day history backup provides an extensive data archive for analysis.

📊 Versatile Reporting Options: Tailor your reporting needs with multiple options, gaining insights into vehicle performance, efficiency, and compliance.

🌐 Location Sharing for Collaboration: Facilitate collaboration by sharing real-time vehicle locations with team members for enhanced coordination and communication.

💥 Vibration and Accident Alerts: Prioritize safety with alerts for unexpected events like vibrations or accidents, enabling swift action during emergencies.

Upgrade your fleet management strategy to the Affordable Economy Standard Plus Tracker, the pinnacle of economic vehicle tracking service. Combining cutting-edge technology with affordability, this Economy Series Package offers a robust feature set for streamlined operations, enhanced security, and smarter decision-making. Elevate your vehicle tracking experience with the Economy Standard Plus package today.

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