Standard Plus Package | Your Ultimate GPS Tracking Solution for All Vehicles

৳ 9,000.00

Upgrade to Excellence: Dupno Standard Plus Package – Your Ultimate GPS Tracking Solution for Cars, Microbuses, and SUVs! Ensure the security of your vehicle with real-time location updates, advanced anti-theft features, and peace of mind.

Key Benefits:

🔒 Secure Remote Control: Easily shutdown and unlock your vehicle’s engine remotely for added security.

🎙️ Voice Monitoring: Monitor your vehicle through voice monitoring capabilities.

🌐 Live Tracking: Real-time tracking provides instant updates on your vehicle’s location.

🗺️ Google Street View Integration: Access Google Street View directly within the tracking system.

🚨 Multiple Alerts:  Receive multiple alerts for various events, ensuring you stay informed.

📲 App Push Notifications: Stay connected with real-time notifications through the mobile app.

⏪ History Playback: Review historical data with the playback feature.

🚧 Geofence/Parking Alerts:  Get alerts for entry/exit of predefined geofences and parking events.

🔧 Actual Engine Run-Time: Monitor the actual runtime of your vehicle’s engine.

🚥 Speed Alert:  Receive alerts for exceeding predefined speed limits.

🔋 Battery Low/Cut Alert:  Stay informed about battery status with low/cut alerts.

💥 Shock Alert: Get notified in the event of unexpected shocks or impacts.

🚗 Engine On/Off Alert: Receive alerts when the engine is turned on or off.

🔋 Built-in Battery Backup:  Ensure continuous tracking with a built-in battery backup.

🗄️ History Backup: Safeguard historical data with backup options.

🌐 Maximum Tracking Options:  Enjoy a variety of tracking options for different needs.

🚷 No-Go Area Set:  Define and monitor restricted areas with no-go zone functionality.

🛡️ Parking Defense Mode:  Activate defence mode for enhanced security during parking.

📊 Multiple Reporting: Access a range of reports for comprehensive tracking analysis.

Upgrade to Excellence with the Dupno Standard Plus Package—Your Ultimate GPS Tracking Solution for All Vehicles! 🚗🌐🔒

Key Services

500 BDT Subscription Fee Per Month


2 Years of Device Warranty


24/7 Full Online Customer Support


Dedicated After-Sales Team At Your Service

Key Features

✅ Live Tracking
✅ Engine On Alert
✅ Engine Off Alert
✅ Google Street View
✅ Live Traffic Update
✅ Displacement Alert
✅ Enter Geo-fence Alert
✅ Exit Geo-fence Alert
✅ Offline Alert
✅ Idling Alert
✅ Real-time App Push Notification
✅ History Playback
✅ Geofence/Parking Alert
✅ Engine Run-time
✅ Overspeed Alert
✅ Internal Battery Low Alert
✅ External Battery Low Alert
✅ Built-in Battery Backup
✅ 90 Days History Backup
✅ Multiple Reporting
✅ Share Location
✅ Vibration/Accident Alert

Loving the Lite All Package from Dupno! Best GPS tracking solution for my vehicle. Real-time alerts and cost-effective. Highly recommended!

—   Md Sunipoon
Senior Manager IT, -Noman Group  

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Why does Dupno Tracker charge a monthly service fee for each GPS device?

To provide you with reliable and efficient GPS tracking services, we incur various costs associated with the operation and maintenance of our services. Here’s a breakdown of the components covered by the monthly service charge:

Server Costs: Maintaining robust and secure servers to ensure real-time tracking and data storage.

Map Expenses: Utilizing premium mapping services (not free, such as Google Premium Maps) to enhance location accuracy.

SIM Card Charges: Each GPS device is equipped with a SIM card, and the monthly cost (ranging from 400 to 2500 BDT) depends on the type of device you choose.

Software Development and Maintenance: Regular updates, improvements, and maintenance of our software for optimal performance.

Future Service Extensions: Investment in future service expansions and enhancements.

Installation and Repairs: Costs associated with installing and repairing devices, either at home/office or service points.

Company Overheads: Overheads for providing 24/7 customer service and support, without which we cannot deliver our services effectively.

It’s important to note that the repair cost is primarily for addressing issues with customers’ vehicles, and for new cars, it’s typically required every 6 to 10 months. For routine maintenance or servicing, it’s usually necessary every 4 to 6 months. To get more detailed information and discuss your specific needs, feel free to contact our experienced engineers at 880188500400.

So, the monthly service charge is a reflection of the comprehensive services and support we offer to ensure the continuous and efficient operation of Dupno Tracker. For a detailed comparison of our pricing and services with other GPS providers, click here.

For more information, call us at 01700787009, or provide your mobile number, and our representative will guide you to the best solution.