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––The subscriber as mentioned in the registration form agrees to subscribe the ‘DUPNO Vehicle Tracking Solution (DVTS)’ from DUPNO International Limited BTRC Licence No: 14.32.0000. providing such services in Bangladesh under the following terms & conditions:

▪ Device price may vary depending on various market conditions and other promotional activities. However, our price is given on the website (

▪ DUPNO Vehicle Tracking yearly Platform fee will be charged Tk 6000 + VAT annually. However, may vary depending on features device and service. This charge is for only accessing the Vehicle Tracking Platform through web and App and use the selected feature.

▪ Subscriber can’t disclose exclusive price /corporate offer in publicly. Exclusive offer exclusively for the period of time not applicable in future purchase or events.

▪ DUPNO Vehicle Tracking (DVTS) shall have the right to terminate or suspend or bar the provision of the ‘Vehicle Tracking Solution’ to the subscriber if the platform charges are not paid within the expiry date.

▪ The subscriber will be able to pay the Monthly / Quarterly/ Yearly fee(s) fixed by DUPNO Vehicle Tracking (DVTS) for the ‘Vehicle Tracking Solution’.

▪ The subscriber shall pay the bill regularly within due date mentioned on the bill (Through BKash or in cash through the specified bank in order to avoid interruption of the ‘Vehicle Tracking Solution’. This payment must be made within due date, even if the subscriber disputes the bill and even if the Transponder Device with the SIM card is claimed to be damaged, lost or stolen.

▪ Subscriber shall be liable to pay all existing charges as billed DUPNO Vehicle Tracking Solution(DVTS)  in its prescribed bill format for the ‘Vehicle Tracking Solution’ and shall also remain liable to pay for the same as per changes, if any, from time to time.

▪ The subscriber may be entitled to reconnect his/her service by making payment of his/her outstanding bills in full if the ‘Vehicle Tracking Solution’ of the concerned subscriber has been barred, temporarily or permanently disconnected. If the ‘Vehicle Tracking Solution’ has been permanently disconnected along with the full payment of the outstanding bill (if any), the concerned subscriber shall also be liable to pay a reconnection fee (Which may differ from time to time).

▪ The subscriber may dispute any part of the subscriber`s bill and request DUPNO | Track Solid to scrutinize any possible errors subject to the condition that the conclusion drawn to the effect by DUPNO | Track Solid after its scrutiny shall be the final liability of the subscriber.

▪ Subscriber shall be able to transfer their ownership to any other person provided that the said transfer is done by signing the prescribed form by DUPNO Vehicle Tracking Solution (DVTS) and by paying the transfer fees which will be fixed by DVTS from time to time and the transferee shall also have to sign a fresh service form. Failing to comply with the above-mentioned procedure, the transfer shall not be recognized or accepted by DUPNO | Track Solid. Any ownership transfer will be subject to verification.

▪ DVTS shall have the right to delete/permanently disconnect/retire a subscriber`s account if the subscriber fails to pay the bill within the 90 days period of temporary suspension beginning from the due date of payment.

▪ DVTS does not guarantee any specific quality standards in the services. However, it will strive to render the best possible services.

▪ DVTS does not take responsibility for possible disturbance or congestion or encountered during data transmission of the ‘Vehicle Tracking Solution’.

▪ Subscriber shall keep confidentiality of all information and treat it as a trade secret that is received from DUPNO Vehicle Tracking Solution (DVTS).

▪ In consideration of subscribers, use of the ‘Vehicle Tracking Solution’, the subscriber is under obligation to provide accurate, current and complete information regarding his address, billing information and vehicle.

▪ The subscriber shall maintain and update the personal data to keep it true, accurate, current and complete.

▪ If a subscriber provides any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete; DUPNO Vehicle Tracking Solution (DVTS) has the right to suspend or terminate any and all current or future use of ‘Vehicle Tracking Solution’.

▪ The subscriber is responsible for all activities undertaken by him/her using the ‘Vehicle Tracking Solution’. All such activities are at the subscriber’s own risk.

▪ The subscriber is responsible for all activities that occur under subscriber’s ‘User Identification Number’, and will keep the identification number confidential.

▪ Subscriber shall immediately notify DUPNO Vehicle Tracking Solution (DVTS) of any unauthorized use or the possibility of unauthorized usage of ‘User Identification Number’ or any other breach of security regarding the ‘Vehicle Tracking Solution’.

▪ Subscriber shall be liable for the physical damages caused in the device, after device delivery from DUPNO Vehicle Tracking Solution (DVTS).

▪ Subscriber shall be liable for all additional charges in respect of the de/re-installation of the product (Which may differ from time to time).

▪ DUPNO Vehicle Tracking Solution (DVTS) shall have the right to scrutinize or procure any relevant document(s) possessed by the potential subscriber or existing subscribers.

▪ DVTS shall have the right to issue bill in different fixed dates in a month, dividing into different cycles and the subscriber shall be billed for providing with the ‘Vehicle Tracking Solution’ in accordance within the billing cycle he is allocated. The bill for the new subscriber shall be changed from the date of activation to the last day of the billing cycle. The billing cycle is as a whole may be mentioned in the bill.

▪ DVTS Corporate subscriber shall pay the bill within the due date. The due date, of the payment for all subscriptions, are 10 days from the date of billing.

▪ DVTS shall have the right to disconnect, suspend or bar the provision of the ‘Vehicle Tracking Solution’ to the subscriber if the bill is not paid within the due date mentioned on the bill.

▪ If the subscriber is not satisfied with our service, they can often buy back with 20% price of the invoice amount or base value BDT 9000 which one is lower.

▪ If subscriber didn’t continue our tracking service for more than 90 days without any prior notice, service will be permanently disconnected.

▪ Reactivation/reconnection fee BDT 1000/- (Which may differ from time to time) applicable for permanently disconnected devices.

▪ In case of only transferring device with same login credential in a new vehicle, device transfer fee applicable 500/- applicable if the event is within Dhaka City Corporation and free of charge if the vehicle comes our service centre.

▪ Transferring to the new user where new login credential required in that case charge is applicable BDT 1000/- for New ID and device transfer/ reinstallation fee for a new vehicle is BDT 500/-(if required)applicable if the event is within Dhaka City Corporation. Note that the device transfer/ reinstallation fee is free of charge if the vehicle come to our service centre.

▪ The subscriber shall obey the all-new law imposed by BTRC / VTSPAB / DVTS

▪DVTS will provide all information regarding tracking device if required by government or any legal issues.


▪ Services are available only if you have activated your account.

▪ Services are available only if your vehicle ignition is on and your vehicle battery is charged and connected.

▪ Services are available only if you are within operating range of the designated wireless network.

▪ Services may be impaired by any wireless communication problems caused by atmospheric or topographical conditions, busy cells, capacity limitations, equipment problems, equipment, maintenance and other factors and conditions.

▪ Services may be affected by inherent limitations of your vehicle’s electrical problems and architecture or if any of the components of your vehicle’s service limitations.

▪ Services are not available if the GPS system is not working properly or the signals are obstructed.

▪ Services may be affected by the natural calamity e.g. earthquake, hurricane, floods, labour strikes, civil commotion, riots, war: or any other act or event that is beyond the reasonable control of DUPNO | Track Solid.

▪ Services may be limited in certain situations to some geographic areas, which are otherwise generally available under GPS.

▪ Services are not available in analogue and/or digital cellular telephone signals are used or if the wireless carrier demonstrates or restricts analogue and/or digital service.

▪ Services will not be available if Grameenphone, Robi, Teletalk, Banglalink or Airtel network is suspended or terminated due to any unavoidable circumstances.

▪ If the Subscriber is unable to pay the subscription bill within due date, the service will be suspended immediately and DUPNO | Track Solid will not be liable for any kind of accident/theft of the vehicle during the suspended period of service.

▪ Mileage report may defer from +- 10 to 15 %

▪ GPS Accuracy cannot be ensured 100%, this may vary based on location and environment

▪ We cannot ensure 100% Server uptime, but we will try to ensure 99% server uptime

▪ There might be server issues from time to time while we upgrade our server or platform features

▪ We recommend remote support for any software related after sales service

▪ We also cannot ensure 100% device online due to Mobile operator network availability

▪ We do not recommend voice feature for your organization as there might be privacy concerns, we will not be liable for any legal obligations

▪ Heavy commercial vehicles do not support remote engine shutdown feature

▪ All sim cards are Registered by DUPNO INTERNATIONAL LIMITED  to the Mobile Operators.

Mobile Application Push alert might not be 100% real time in some cases based on handset models

We do not offer SMS alerts, we only offer email and push notifications for alerts

▪ DVTS powered by Dupno International Limited (DIL) under BTRC VTS Licence so as a service provider we will not liable for any kind accident/theft/loss of your vehicle even the device and service is functionally active. And we are not bound to recover your missing vehicle by fieldwork with our own team. We can only help with location coordinates data to valid user and any government law enforcement agency if installed electronic transponder/device and service is functionally active during the accident/theft/missing event/time.

▪ In terms of reporting there could be a deviation or reflection (Position change) due to different network coverage of wireless network or GPS signal.


▪ If DUPNO | Track Solid determines that your usage of the GPS tracking services is so excessive that it interferes or could interfere with DUPNO | Track Solid’s ability to provide timely high-quality telematics services to its other subscribers or if DUPNO | Track Solid determines that your use constitutes a nuisance or is otherwise not consent with the terms of the agreement then DUPNO | Track Solid may at its sole discretion suspend, modify or terminate the ‘Vehicle Tracking Service’ provided to you, without any prior notice.


▪ DVTS provides limited replacement warranty for which is standard 2 years for the GPS device falling within the parameters of the Limited Warranty provided with the product.

This limited local warranty (“this warranty”) does not cover minor imperfections in products that meet design specifications or imperfections that do not materially alter functionality. We make no satisfaction guarantees, performance guarantees, risk-free guarantees, error-free guarantees, any express or implied warranties including but not limited to fitness for a particular purpose, performance, use or merchantability. Whether by statute, common law or otherwise are excluded to the maximum extent permissible by applicable laws.

The applicable warranty period commences from the date of purchase, delivery or installation whichever later,

Warranty Period:
1.Host: 24 months/ 2Years
2.Battery : 12 months
3. Cable and Accessories: 12 months/1 Year
4. Service Warranty: Lifetime (Applicable for continuously active subscriber)

Why Warranty VOID: Warranty Policy does not cover damage resulting from:

  • Beyond the warranty period.
  • The warranty is confined to the first purchaser of the product only and is not transferable.
  • Usage of equipment other than its normal and customer manner.
  • Unauthorized disassembly, repair, alteration or modification being carried out
  • Misuse, abuse negligence or accident however caused to the product
  • Improper testing, operation, maintenance, installation, or any alteration or modification of the product;
  • Scratches or damage to plastic surface and all other externally parts that are due to normal customer use
  • Connection to a device: (1) not endorsed by Dupno; (2) not fit for use with the product.
  • Any type of physical damage or change of shape due to user careless use or man-made damage, however, paid repair services are available.
  • No warranty card and valid proof of purchase, however, an exception can be granted if the customer can prove that the device is within the warranty period.
  • Non-DUPNO official warranty commitments, such as verbal commitments by dealers;
  • Damage and malfunction due to uncontrollable external forces (such as high voltage, or abnormal voltage supply from vehicle, floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning strikes and traffic accidents, Spillage of food or liquid, corrosion, rust)
  • Failure to use and maintain the product according to the instructions that lead to damage or malfunction, such as use under extreme temperatures, use /joint of non-dupno accessories, etc.
  • Modification or alterations of any nature made in the circuitry by the purchaser or unauthorized personnel, as determined by the company personnel.
  • Site (premises where the product is kept) conditions that do not confirm to the recommended operating conditions of the machine/unit.
  • The original serial number is removed, obliterated or altered from the product.
  • Defects due to causes beyond control like lightning, abnormal voltage, acts of god or while in transit to the service center or to the purchaser’s residence.
  • Defects caused by household pets, rats, cockroaches or any other animals or insects.
  • Disassembly, self-repair, modification, rooting and other human behaviours that causes damage.

Warranty Replacement Terms:

  • If the device is repairable then Dupno will repair the device at free of cost within 90days
  • If the device not in repairable condition but still in warranty coverage period then DUPNO will issue a new device to the user if the device damage condition under the warranty policy. If damage does not cover the warranty policy then customer has to pay for a new device.
  • TIME FOR SERVICE: Service will be available during Our Operation Hours.
  • PLACE OF SERVICE. Service will be provided on-site or at the location of Our Customer Service Center depending on the type of warranty covering the Product.

▪Device warranty may vary time to time depending on the device model and change of technology. if the device is obsolete / out of date we will not provide the same model in case of replacement.

▪We provide lifetime service warranty.



▪ BRTC or any government authority will have the right to monitor or ask for records of all information of clients.

DVTS will provide all information regarding tracking device if required by government or any legal issues.

▪Newly Imposed terms and condition will be updated in




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