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Manage any fleet—car, bus, motorcycle, service and delivery, light or heavy-duty truck, construction equipment—from any place, at any hour.

  • GPS Tracker Control Labor Costs Create an accurate and verifiable employee and vehicle-activity reports for more precise accounting and billing. Get a handle on labour costs and cut down on overtime.
  • GPS Tracker Improve Vehicle and Cargo Security preventing from both vehicle and cargo thefts as well as aiding in recovery
  • GPS Tracker Increase Fleet Efficiency Analyze service-call duration and identify situations where unproductive time is being spent. Optimize routes relative to current traffic and weather conditions.


  • GPS Tracker Lower Maintenance Costs Following a scheduled maintenance plan is the key to lowering fleet maintenance and repair (M &R) costs. GPS Tracking system allows maintenance to be scheduled by a variety of value: miles are driven, operating hours, the time elapsed, etc. When maintenance is due, a report indicating the required action is generated. Using a well-managed scheduled maintenance plan, expect to cut M&R costs by 5-10%.
  • Reduce Fuel Costs and Liability Reduce speeding, idling, and unauthorized usage with GPS tracking. Use vehicle-specific reporting to incentivize driving habits that improve fuel efficiency.
  • GPS TrackerReduce / Prevent Unauthorized Usage Using GPS tracking units monitor all vehicle activity in terms of location and time. Identify and reduce unauthorized usage and moonlighting.

Most of these benefits are efficiency related to assisting businesses to reduce costs and improve profitability.  Five benefits of GPS tracking devices for fleet management include:

#1 GPS tracking devices provide route optimisation

With GPS trackers installed in your fleet vehicles you will have real-time data on the location of every vehicle in your fleet allowing you to send the ideal route for your fleet vehicle to take to avoid delays due to construction, traffic jams or accidents.

#2 Decrease response times for improved customer service

Installing tracking devices in your fleet vehicles will improve your response times in dealing with customers by allowing you to select the vehicle closest to the customer location to provide prompt, responsive service.

(the above online map shows the Current live location of the fleet vehicles)

#3 Reduce fuel costs

Fuel costs are one of the biggest expenses when it comes to fleet management but GPS tracking devices can help cut these costs and save you valuable money.

GPS tracking devices allow you to reduce the idle time that your fleet vehicles spend sitting in traffic or not in use by providing the most efficient route for your fleet drivers to take when they are on the road.

(above is an example idle report – engine on)

#4 Improve safety for fleet vehicles

Another major benefit to tracking devices in fleet vehicle management is improving the overall safety of your entire fleet.

GPS tracking devices allow you to identify a problem with a driver before you’re hit with an expensive repair bill due to poor driving habits.

When drivers know that their driving habits are being monitored then they will not take unnecessary risks and put wear and tear on your vehicles.

(above is an example over speed report)

#5 Reduce losses due to theft

When thieves know that vehicles are being tracked by tracking devices and that they have the chance of being caught then they tend to move on to another vehicle.  GPS tracking devices work to deter thieves and in the event that your fleet vehicle is stolen give you the means to recover your vehicle and reduce potential losses.

GPS tracking devices have many benefits in fleet vehicle management and can help reduce expenses that your

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