Dupno Standard Supreme X3 Multifunctional Vehicle Tracker | Best GPS Tracking Service In bagladesh

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    X3 GPS tRACKER | Dupno Standard Supreme Multifunctional Vehicle Tracker is optimized for vehicle tracking.

    It provides accurate real-time location, two-way communication and driving behaviour reports. The X3 also features a G-sensor, a door-sensor, and includes I/O ports to support multiple external types of equipment for various applications.Dupno Standard Supreme X3 Multifunctional Vehicle Tracker is an excellent GPS tracking device for fleet management and security monitoring deployment.

    GPS & LBS positioning
    Allow the location to be pinpointed in real-time or periodically
    Heat-resistant design
    The special structure provides excellent heat dissipation
    Remote cut-off (fuel/power)
    Compel the vehicle to stop by cut off the fuel connection
    Multiple I/O for sensors/peripherals
    Monitor and control external devices
    Two-way communication
    With MIC and speaker connected, it’s easy to realize voice-monitor or two-way audio
    RS232 & TTL serial port
    Support fuel level sensor, temperature sensor, RFID, etc

    X3 GPS Tracker is known as Dupno Standard Supreme Multifunctional Vehicle Tracker

    Dupno GPS tracking makes your fleet and drivers safer, cheaper & more efficient to operate and with the power of concox x3 GPS tracker makes managing your fleet and drivers safer, cheaper & more efficient to operate.  So stealing vehicle now is harder and it’s easy to find your vehicle.

    Duplo Vehicle Tracking Services is always focused on customer satisfaction and to make our customer journey easier we have easy payment and checkout option powered by SSL commerce.  Dupno Vehicle Tracking Service will not only allow you to feel safe but also help you to reduce paperwork and increase accountability. Therefore, there are less unprecedented stoppages, no venture into unauthorized spaces, easier management and payment and consequently, increased efficiency.  Dupno GPS tracker provides all types of GPS Navigation solutions and GPS Antennas to track the exact location of an object. We are a GPS Tracker Technology solution provider with an extensive client base and an enviable track record of solving challenging problems. Our goal is to function as the principal GPS tracker technology resource for companies that wish to ensure they get the best return on investment cost-effective and trouble-free products available today.