Say goodbye to traditional E-bike keys and meet the effective anti-theft EG02. As small as a cigarette lighter, the EG02 GPS tracker comes with a plug & play design and supports GPS & LBS real-time tracking. Through the app, you can easily lock and unlock your E-bike remotely. An audio alarm will be triggered if the unauthorized movement of the E-bike is detected. The 9-90V wide working voltage enables EG02 to be applied to different E-bike models in the market.

✅Automatic wheel lock
✅In arming mode, the device locks the e-bike automatically if abnormal moving detected
✅9-90V rated voltage
✅Wide operating voltage applies to 36V, 48V, 60V, 72V e-bikes
✅External buzzer support
✅External siren for alarms e-bike searching
✅Key-less start
✅Switch on e-bike by APP or SMS
✅Plug & Play installation
✅Designed for E-bike connection ports, no need to cut wires
✅Intelligent theft deterrence
✅Switch off electricity automatically for arming status
✅Vehicle battery protection
✅Never worry about draining out of the battery for optimal protection
✅Multiple alerts
✅Instant alert for vibration, over speed, power off, geo-fence


Now, pay the service charge from anywhere. Payment will be online through bKash or card directly by clicking the link.

Installation Support Required?

Yes, No



Immediately upon the installation of Dupno Standard Motorcycle FINDER GPS TRACKER, you are ready to trace your motorcycle or e-bike our easy tracing system wherever it goes. Our GPS vehicle trackers can help you easily track and trace your vehicles or assets like refrigerator generator cars, trucks etc. Dupno Motorcycle FINDER GPS TRACKER  Tracker makes your fleet and drivers safer, cheaper & more efficient to operate under ridesharing or any purpose.  This motorcycle Trackers have many functions. with our easy tracking system, you can find your motorcycle or bike even if it’s being stolen note that this is possible if the GPS transponder and GPRS data enable sim card is active and under normal function. However, this tracker is manufactured to meet the need for e-bikes, e-scooters, and motorcycles. It is equipped with a highly reliable electric circuit design and complies with electronics industry standards. Providing functions such as remote fuel cut-off, electric failure alerts, geo-fence function, and Overspeed warning, the Dupno advance fleet tracking platform provides crucial visibility into the status of the vehicle and the behaviour of its the driver.

In Dupno Gps tracking service you can able to enjoy all services including device installation and upgrade at your doorstep. However, we billed as the prepaid basis and it’s totally contactless so you can o pay your subscription bill or device one-time cost through our online payment portal.

More Features INCLUDES

  • CONTROL VEHICLE: Remote Stop/Resume Vehicle Engine
  • SERVICE ALERTS: Manage your service routine with service alerts
  • ROUTE HISTORY: View & replay the precise routes taken by your vehicle
  • IGNITION STATUS: Monitor your vehicle’s ignition status in real-time
  • ANTI-TAMPER ALERT: Get notified instantly if the tracker has been unplugged
  • LIVE TRAFFIC UPDATE: Shows status of Traffic on maps. Available only on Google Maps
  • MOVEMENT ALERT: Alert you with an e-mail, SMS or notification whenever a vehicle moves.
  • THE ROUTE TO POINT: Calculates fastest route from current object location to the selected point.
  • EXCESSIVE EDLING: Addressing excessive vehicle idling issues by automated alerts and reports.
  • SEARCH ADDRESS: Helpful and easy to use tool for searching address on the map.
  • SPEED ALERTS: Alert you with an e-mail, SMS or notification whenever a vehicle moves.
  • TRAVEL SHEET: Provides coordinates and addresses of stops, the length between stops and object fuel consumption.
  • STREET VIEW; Opens new window with Google street view of selected location.
  • POI: POI allows you to put markers at the locations that might be interesting or useful.



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